Works - Children's Musical New adventures of three little pigs


One day, three little pigs see the activity "everyone come to have fun" was hold by “Chai Found Country”, they feel so excite to join with everybody. They saw many strange Chinese musical instruments and then they realize it is a very big Chinese music event, every little pig who participate must choose a musical instrument to be their patron saint, there will be a series of tests in the process waiting for the little pigs to adventure. Although there were many setbacks on the way, but little pigs are still keep brave to overcome these frustrated, after all adventures they finally got their own musical instruments patron saint.

The feature of performance

Through this program allows children to know both wonderful and beautiful Chinese music, by telling the story can let children easy to know variety of Chinese musical instruments. The test and setback experiences in adventure also let the children learn what is "brave", and understand the meaning of "No pain, No gain."

The program mainly consists by three musicians, they both have two identity for acting and musician, they will tell the story for easily leading children to know traditional musical instruments, also learn the music-related knowledge, studying to feel the emotions from music, such as joy, anger, sadness and happy and so on. The musicians will design for ten points in the story; we hope the children can feel enthusiastic and participation in this musical, constantly challenged difficulties, learning face difficulties without fear.

Audiences response

Audience age from 0 ~ 14 years old and the large amount children aged is from 3 to 10. For the content of the story, some of the children are too young sometimes they cannot understand the meaning, parents have to explain for them. The entire 50-minute show, the kids are very enthusiastic to answer the questions. Also the actors were hard to perform and make the show feels funny! The audience whether adult or kids are also quite gets laughter!