Works - Children's Musical Shichitaro and the Crazy Girl


This musical made in 2003, also the first musical theatre product for CFMW, the main audiences are children. In the show, performers will introduce the unique of every musical instruments, combines the traditional sizhu music and the drama. This is a special musical created for kids and full of the meaning of education.

The feature of performance

In this children musical, performers use percussion to connect 10 songs, make performance livelier.

Performance Milestones

Since 2003, Shichitaro and the Crazy Girl started a series of performance by a visiting troupe in Nantou, Changhua, Tainan, Taoyuan, Keelung and Kaohsiung.

In 2006, Shichitaro and the Crazy Girl invited by Taipei Zhongshan Hall to participate the 70th anniversary celebrate concert.

In 2011 July, Shichitaro and the Crazy Girl had a performance in Daan Forest Park.

Recommend Occasion

Art festival for children

Activity for parents and child.

Program list

To let the audiences singing with the music, music concerts must be selected masterpiece and familiar nursery rhymes, also invited well-known local composer re-arranger the songs to make it more suitable for traditional musical instruments.