Works - Eastern Instrumental Theater Wuji


  “Wuji” was inspired by Daoism philosophy; the performance utilizes a framework divided into 24 seasonal segments to tell how each seasonal segment gives way to the next in a manner corresponding to the vicissitudes of tragedy, disappointment, joy and fulfillment that are part of each person’s life. It also incorporates the theme of chivalry, and CFMW attempts to expand the scope of how chivalry is perceived to serve as a metaphor for various aspects of personal character.

The feature of performance

Director try to figure out the music creator from hearing the music and then add into a visual, physical and abstract concepts to make correspond with actors and their life procedure. Performers restricted by the posture of play instruments; they have to play instruments, move the body and show the drama in a same time, it’s a really high challenge. The 14 performers they want to use lively performance to reduce the distance between audiences and performers.

Performance Milestones

2011/September - First premiere in National Theatre Hall.

2011/October – Performance in Taoyuan Chungli Art Center and Taichung.

Recommend Occasion

Art Festival, medium or large party

Performer Allocation

Require of equipment