Works - Eastern Instrumental Theater Ambush!


Eastern Instrumental Theater is a cross- disciplinary production of CFMW that synthesizes elements of traditional Chinese music, choreography, and drama. In 2005, CFMW staged its first Eastern Instrumental Theater production Ambush!, recounts legendary episodes from early Chinese history: The cruel war between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, which led to the dramatic suicide of Xiang Yu and his wife Yu Ji, and the institution of the Han Dynasty under Liu Bang. Ambush! was performed in every major city throughout Taiwan with enthusiastic responses from audiences and media.

The feature of performance

The scene is like back to the battlefield between Chu and Han in 202 BC. This perfect and amazing theatre has 30 performers and brings the audiences a new feeling of sense experience. This history story has separated to 10 paragraphs, used the sounds from traditional music instruments to describe the battle scene, and the performers used limbs from body and music to perform the history story. Performers used music instruments combined the stage, lighting and stage props, created the new “Eastern Instrumental Theater” full of epoch-marking meaning.

Performance Milestones

In 2005, Chai Found Music Workshop had a performance of “Ambush!” in Yi-lan, Chiayi, Tainan, Hsinchu and Taoyuan.

In 2005, Chai Found Music Workshop had a performance of “Ambush!” in Kaohsiung and Taichung.

In 2008, Chai Found Music Workshop has invited by National palace museum to join the opening party.

In 2010, Chai Found Music Workshop has invited by Taipei International Flora Exposition to join the opening week ceremony.

In 2011 June, Chai Found Music Workshop has invited to Yuanshan Hotel joined the opening ceremony.

Performer Allocation

Require of equipment