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Contemporary music is an important part in the process when Chai Found Music Workshop started to develpoe, mo matter it was only assemble by traditional musical instruments or have a concert with western contemporary orchestra,since Chai Found Music Workshop founded, we oftenly entrusted and invited to make the new songs combined with traditional music and contemporary music. This feature accross the eastern and western, traditional and modern, become am important bridge on music exchange.

This unique sizhu music has already attract composers from the world to create the new songs.Because of this unique performance style, Chai Found Music Workshop has invited by several important music fetivals from abroad, the music festival was included : Barcelona Arts Festival, Spain(1992), Costa Rica Culture Festival(1998),Warsaw Contemporary Music Festival, Poland(1992), Hoergänge Contemporary Music Festival, Austria(2000)、Cologne Music Festival(2001)、Biennale Zagreb, Croatia(2001)、Gaida Contemporary Music Festival, Lithuania(2002)、MärzMusik Festival/ Berliner Festspiele, Berlin (2002,2004)、Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, England(2004), Festival Dimension,Seoul,Korea(2009)、Cultural Olympiad Vancouver, Canada、Soundstreams,Toronto、Grenoble Festival, France(2011), Ottawa ChamberFest, Canada(2011)、Vancouver MusicFest, Canada(2011)、Fortune Cooking Festival, Canada (2011)、Madison World Music Festival & Taiwanese Arts Week Celebration, US (2011)、World Music Festival Chicago,US(2011)、Soundstreams Festival,Toronto (2011/2013), Tazawako Music Festival, Japan(2012), Beijing Modern Music Festival(2013),Musikforum Viktring-Klagenfurt(2013).

In addition to these music festival, Chai Found Music Workshop also cooperate with well known contemporary orchestra, included Klangforum Wien (2003), EXXJ - Ensemble of the 20th Century(2005), Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, NDR Sinfonieorchester (2008), Ensemble 2e2m(2008/2011), Jack String Quartet New York (2009), Vienna music.lab(2010/2011)、Toronto The Accordes (2011/2013).