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Hsu, Hsiao-Ting

ERHU/ Hsu, Hsiao-Ting

He studied erhu when he was a child. Since 2000 he admitted National Tainan University Department of Music and major is erhu.

In 2004, he has a solo concert of erhu- The fantasy beyond the great wall in Ya-Yin Floor in Tainan. He has a lot of styles of performance, from tradition to modern, fusion on many different elements and attempts to perform a variety of different types. His mood is delicate also has richness emotional in his performance.

Since 2007, he followed with Chai Found Music Workshop to attend Eastern legends – Chinese rock music performance, in 2009 he participates the musical drama “The Journey of Monkey king.” In 2010, he hosted a joint concert "Sa" at the National Recital Hall, in 2011 he and Chai Found Music Workshop organized "National Orchestral Night" in National Concert Hall and play for erhu concerto <swallows> and also participated the “Oriental Instrumental Theater Ⅲ- Wuji”. In 2013 he participated in “2013 Classical Sizhu Music Night" with Chai Found Music Workshop and play a solo song <A Moon in the Palace>. In 2013 he cooperated with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and plays the opera <The legend of the white snake>.

He was teaching erhu in Tainan county sing-gong elementary school, Kaohsiung county Sa-lun elementary school, Ilan county shen-gou elementary school and Ilan county yuan-shan elementary school.

Now he is a full-time performer of erhu in Chai Found Music Workshop.