Member Performers

Yeh, Jiuan-Reng

GU ZHENG/ Yeh, Jiuan-Reng

Ms. Yeh was born in Taipei city. Since 1998, Ms. Yeh joined with Chai Found Music Workshop, and now is teaching at National Taiwan Normal University, department of Chinese Music and also the chief of Szu-Xiang Orchestra of zheng. She can interpretation the diversity and vitality from the traditional music, but she also long-time in touch with contemporary music to practice the complex changes and music structure in her performances. She has invited to Berlin, Darmstadt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Warsaw, Paris, Rouen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Austria, England, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, America, Canada, Israel, India, Malaysia, Korea and Japan to join the concert.

1996, 1997/ Taiwan Music Competition – Zheng solo performance/ Champion of youth team.

1998/ Taiwan Chinese Music Association – Plucked String Chinese music solo competition/ Champion of Adults team.

1999/ Recital in National Concert Hall – Held by Taipei Chinese Orchestra.

2004/ Road show of recital – Held by National Performing Arts Center.