Member Performers

Lin, I-Hsien

GU ZHENG/ Lin, I-Hsien

She was born in Chang-hua and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Chinese Music. Now is being a full-time performer of guzheng in Chai Found Music Workshop.

She has won the provincial music competition between 1993-1996 zithers, junior and youth championship of guzheng. She has rich and varied playing style, music interpretation of gentle and delicate, in addition to the interpretation of the many styles of traditional music, she also contact the sizhu music and transfer to chamber music. She was participated the "oriental instrumental music theatre series works" with Chai Found Music Workshop, also more extend her performance style into contemporary music, she had participated in published works of contemporary music, also practice the possibilities in modern works on playing guzheng.

She has invited to Canada, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas, London, Vienna, France, Germany, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, China… to participate the concert. She has also joined the following musical events: Festival Musikforum Viktring- Wien, Download Festival- England, Tazawako Music Festival- Japan, Soundstreams Festival- Toronto, Grenoble Festival- France, and Cultural Olympiad Vancouver-Toronto.

She also cooperated with:2009 Jack String Quartet- New York, 2008 NDR Sinfonieorchester- Germany, 2008 Ensemble 2e2m- Paris.