Member Performers

Tsai, Pei-Yun

ZHUDI/ Tsai, Pei-Yun

Ms. Tsai was got the master degree of research and preservation from Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, National Taiwan Normal University. She was learning flute from she was a child. Her performance style across traditional and modern and is committed to promotion and development of bamboo flute music. Now she is in Chai Found Music Workshop as a full-time performer of bamboo flute (zhudi).

During her student period, she try to corporate with different groups in Taiwan and abroad, she got rich performance experiences, in addition to perform traditional opera songs, she also try to integrate different forms of flute music and combine with the performance. Since 2005 she started to participate the "Oriental Instrumental Theater" and "Eastern Legends- Chinese rock music" a series of performances.

Because of her rich style of performance, she has been invited to participate in musical activities in Taiwan and abroad.


British rock music festival (Download Festival, England)

Taiwan "National Concert Hall" flutes concerto performances of modern music works "Desolate Mountain".


Japan Tazawa Lake Music Festival (Tazawako Music Festival, Japan),


Toronto modern Music Festival (Soundstreams Festival, Toronto).

Her performance footprint across five continents also has been invited to Toronto, Vancouver, New Brunswick, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas, Boston, Washington, St. Louis, Rhode Island, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, tower City, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Sydney, Melbourne, London, England, Paris, France, Germany, Africa, Burkina Faso, Akita, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and other places to participate in the concert performances.